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January 31st, 2015

Huge updates, as you can see! Before anybody panics about changes they see, please at least skim this:

  • There have been some major backend updates that required a huge database migration. All accounts, builds, and comments should be migrated. However, if you seem to be missing something please let me know.
  • The Dark Souls 1 planner has been left unchanged. Everything should work there exactly as you remember it. The build browsing and rating may be a bit different, but the planner itself is the same.
  • The Dark Souls 2 planner should work fine, but is a Work in Progress. Certain features may be missing and certain calculations may be off or broken. I'm aware, and it will continue to get better.
  • The Dark Souls 2 planner does not currently calculate Weapon AR. This will likely be added sometime after Scholar of the First Sin. There wasn't much of a point in adding it now, as SotFS is likely to rebalance a lot of weapons.

That being said, I hope you all enjoy the Dark Souls 2 and Demon's Souls planners. The Demon's Soul planner was created entirely by Nigh7H4wk, who was nice enough to be willing to let me host it on Mugenmonkey. The styling on the Dark Souls 2 planner is also thanks to him.

You can save your Demon's and Dark Souls 2 builds to your original Mugenmonkey accounts (which should all still work).

The Dark Souls 2 planner has some sweet fashion-souls.com integration now. That site was created by citiral, and is great, so check it out! When you create a build, it will autogenerate the URL to access a Fashion Souls link that matches your current build's armor. See if you can beat my Fashion!


Feb 21st, 2015

  • Dark Souls 2: Changing class should now behave more like the DS1 planner, maintaining your stat level when your class is changed
  • Dark Souls 2: Hover your mouse over "Starting Class" to get the optimal class for your stats. I will be working on a more obvious way to display that in the future
  • Dark Souls 2: Fixed a bug where removing a stat bonus item did not reset the calculated stat

Feb 14th, 2015

  • Dark Souls 2: Items that change levelable stats should now be applied correctly (e.g., Strength and Dexterity rings)

Feb 10th, 2015

Feb 4th/5th, 2015

  • Fixed a bunch of random bugs. Thanks to those reporting them, it really helps improve the site.
  • Font tweaks

Feb 3rd, 2015

  • Special armor effects should be applied now in the DS2 planner. NOTE: this does not yet apply to effects that modify levelable stats (e.g., Strength, Vitality, etc). Still working on that, should be in soon.

Feb 2nd, 2015

  • Added "Active Effects" box to DS2 planner. Does not yet include armor or special weapon effects.
  • Added Raime's Armor
  • Fixed a bug in the DS1 planner causing stats to reset after changing classes
  • Other minor bugfixes

January 31st, 2015

Tons of updates (as you can see!)

  • Added working Dark Souls 2 planner
  • Added support for saving DS2 builds
  • Added support for commenting on/browsing/rating DS2 builds
  • Added Demon's Souls planner (courtesy of Nigh7H4wk)
  • Added saving/commenting/browsing/rating for Demon's Souls builds
  • Tweaked the overall look/navigation of the site
  • Left the Dark Souls 1 planner alone
  • Added Fashion Souls support the DS2 planner (courtesy of citiral)
  • Made tons of backend changes and updates

You may also notice some changes to the way the build browsing and rating works.

  • You now need an account to rate or comment
  • The scoring used for "Top Builds" is a little different. I am going to keep tweaking it.
  • Builds created by non-registered users will no longer have a linkable view. The reasoning is that previously anybody could claim they were somebody (i.e., "OroboroTheNinja") while creating a build, and there would be a list of builds that appeared to incorrectly belong to that person.